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From the root is an organization design to improve and change lives positively for a nation from the root with a give-back community initiative platform that relate and affiliate with all economic sectors for a positive change. By promoting, marketing, advertising, empowering, supporting and providing the basic essential necessity for self-sustainability.


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Give-back to the community:

Discovering and nurturing talent, provide care and support to less privileged kidshyhh on education and career choice from the root to professional level




The sole platform is based on a vision and the revelation of God’s plans for our present generation, to live according to the full manifestation of God’s wish. The ability to create and bring about a constant positive change in our environment via God’s provision of the necessary materials, minerals and resources to meet and help our needs, to enhance and facilitate our creative abilities. But territorial positions and development set into nature as this is the very nature of man to dominate. Challenges and the need for the proper solutions was also part of the nature of man. Efficiency, durability, reliability, effective productivity was needed for the very benefit of development and development was for the benefit of man. But today the solution of a proper administration and management of the God given materials, resources and minerals for development and betterment of man has become the very problem of our society. Whereby making God’s will of a better, sufficient, effective happy life of liberty the most craved desire of people, this reality of hope is been restored in some regions while others are diminishing, Nigeria as a case study.

God’s love for the people of Nigeria is so much that He has blessed the country richly with crude oil, gas and other mineral resources enough for the benefit of her citizens.  Presently the country is supposed to be among the world’s most developed countries due to its massive mineral resources.

With her controversial DEMOCRATIC system of government  emulated from the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA (USA). Her large number of political positions for leaders from federal to state level are all for the purpose of ensuring a positive and effective governance that will meet, meet the needs of its citizens, and constantly bring about change and development but her leadership system has done more harm than good through total ignorance of the rightful purpose and responsibilities these leaders occupy. This increasing numbers of political positions have only produced  great controversial and questionable results and challenges against the peaceful, satisfied liberated life of development that was the major aim of the administration. Corrupt acts of extortion and siphoning of public money, mismanagement and abuse of political positions and offices have greatly penetrated the system, thereby presenting the entire government structure as an incompetent and failed one. As a result of this bad governance, Nigeria holds its record among other countries as the worst most corrupt country. Her inability to cater for the needs of the citizens, remaining an underdeveloped country with over 60% of  citizens leaving in poverty and has no reflection of any concerted stratagem to mould a better future even in the next decade.

NOTE: The fundamental cause of it pandemonium state has remained completely undefined and so remains the major problem but can only point and base it on corruption.




Even with corruption in governance that is the major problem of the country finally addressed and completely rooted out, it might require a decade or two or a century to stabilize and ascertain recovery from the damage already inflated on it society towards adequate growth if not rightly addressed. The major fear of, how do we even begin to know the very right action to take in the midst of this panic, corruption and economic downturn it damages and effect?

Raises major questions Nigerians are asking.

  •  What therefore can we do and when should we take this action?
  •  What are the Strategic action plans and agenda for a possible solution and recovery?

Lot of great prominent achievers and scholars have tried but all been to no avail as epidemic disease still runs in the system and continues it sarcoidosis damages and effect. That may not be vastly noticed within but it effect is greatly seen from within and outside it regions in these major aspect.

  • The lives of citizens
  • The economic system
  • Development

These three are various deep and lengthy topic if you’ll agree.

In the lives of its citizens:

Citizens are unconsciously made to live in totalitarianism instead of democracy by some prominent Godfathers that debate and dictate the affairs of government and continually affirm citizens obliviousness towards their basic right and benefit as citizens of such a blessed land, by the capitalization of government on the word “hard work,” releasing deformed information about the country’s inability to generate enough revenue to bring about a vital change for a balanced developed economy. So citizens will have to keep struggling with little or nothing at all to live by every day. Making it very difficult for over 60% to feed or maintain basic human interest or  political concern and it affairs let alone for the need of acquiring adequate skills or profession. Well, hard work is a virtue for a country’s development and growth but the capitalization of it by the governance to continually deprived and withhold the actual fact and information of basic reality from citizens, That by this age and Era a country with this large minerals resources on crude oil and gas should be among the world most developed countries with citizens also having financial benefit as other developed countries. Now 70% of youth that can provide for themselves and love once are international fraud stars, and have become role models to the younger generation. As this is the only reason the country is not showcasing it pandemonium state for now, given the country a bad reputation on international level. Until the corruption in government is thoroughly addressed before this issues can be rightly addressed to prevent an early outburst of chaos and anarchy. The government totally forget the very people that initiated and voted them to the very position for the sake of rendering good service to it citizens. 

Fact and denial:

The total stated revenue money generated in the country monthly/annually is actually half or quarter of what is generated making the invisible or uncalculated added part the benefit to the corrupt administrators it may concern in the various economic sectors

The listed half that is presumed as total revenue generated is disputed among government officials/political personnel for running and maintenance of the Nigeria government system and project development and bills but unfortunately corruption also set in on these level of allocated budget. Resulting to a constant level of under-development, unemployment, and chaos increasing economic crisis and hardship for the very people governance is supposed to protect, provide and cater for.

The system has not been able to tackle or rectify this problem, looting and embezzlement of millions and billions of Naira and Dollars is been discovered by some corrupt agency daily because the persecution/punishment is not duly observed And money recovered also get missing in action generally. Only 20% out of 100% on total numbers of people involved on this act of looting and embezzlement has only been reportedly caught, it calculations on total recovery from this 20% embezzlement money reportedly found is enough to run major projects that will transform the very nation for the best not to mention what the undiscovered 80% can achieve for the Nation.

The economic system:

The economic system is struggling to survive it degenerating status over the last decade and has continue to lose value due to the inability of government to handle it demanding task of nature for increase and enhancement on it economical system. Rather it has constantly been experiencing devaluation/inflation and the very effect of this over years can be vastly seen within and outside the region with the threat and danger it holds for the future of the country

Over the years this has gradually and constantly arranged and piled problem in so many ways against the growth and development of the country and has constantly prevented the acquisition of adequate skills for production, development and growth, responsible for adding value to an economy. This goes deep in the issues of constant hike and increased/high cost of purchase of goods and services which has leads to high alternative dependency on the opportunity cost of sound education and acquisition of skills. Resulting to forgo of time/money for acquiring/perfecting new skills and education for majority of it citizens, who now have to seek and rely on just their daily surviving hence they can no longer afford the cost of skills and proper education.

With the continuation of this condition for over a decade or two the effect it has on the economy increases a large percentage of unskilled, inadequate, unprofessional job seekers the vast problem and the cause becomes really unknown. Skills becomes a rare commodity, employment decreases while unemployment becomes very high. The absent of good skills and technique in an economy largely inefficiencies is percentage of efficiency stability and growth in all it economical sector. reducing it value on international level.

summary: the inability of it government to handle and create a balanced economical system that provide an affordable stable and valuable means of living for it citizens had only lead to more economic crisis and downturn. And on this case, based on selfish individual interest.


Development itself is the major missing factor as it has been substituted for corruption in the country’s governance compare to other countries with the same or lesser mineral resources.  It crude oil, and gas and other mineral resources has become highly expensive and scarce for the citizens of the very producing country. When a country cannot even provide up to 30% power for itself while neighboring countries it leases power to celebrate years of un-interrupted power supplies. As the very first fundamental stage of development is a constant and reliable power in any developed country. 2017 marks 57th year of independence but still no constant or reliable power. This alone is a state of an emergency because of the core value and it importance for growth and development. Also with the absence of good health system, education, roads, agriculture, technology etc. Its absolute deformity in darkness, and this is it current nature that can be vastly seen from outside it regions. While the country’s money is been use to satisfy individuals on political position and ex-political office holders  

What therefore can be done and when should action be taken?

  • A national protest for good governance can be held requesting immediate attention and questioning of governance from present government administration to the arms of government, on the reasons for still living in false governance of extortion, affliction, inflation, excuses, ethnics and religious groups crisis with no sign/evidence or hope for a positive change or development presently nor towards the future, for our children and unborn children.

The chances of a good effective change result from a national protest alone appear very slim. A very good strategic and technical action plan outside it protests action plan is required, for the desired change to take effect from the root in our governmental governance and in every economical sector of our economy.  An In-Toto of it protest action plan is that, protest will be made to the very same corrupt individuals occupying government positions with same corrupt governance policies, which can only produces one major positive outcome.

A consolidated approach from the government with views of understanding the areas and point of protest, promises of putting into actions various steps to meet the needs/point of protest of it citizens for the desired change. Which might be taking into immediate considerations. With the appeal of a little more time for their plans to get into effective action and produced the desired sorted change. But the very end is same excuses with baseless words of action, same low or no adequate effort or action to it actual realization. Leaving the citizens at the very state before protest or with 2.5% improvement on continual pressure.

  • A general support from citizens on a vast network of empowerment scheme to meet support, empower, promote and provide the basic essential necessity for citizens on self-sustainability in all works of life by the citizens.

A general fast, reliable public information network that will not only be a means of information to the public but also an empowerment program to support, promotion, employ and provide financial basic economic needs to support individuals and various sectors of the economy for growth and development on every citizens and of the nation

Information network: includes a fast and vast way of passing out information to 85-95 % citizens of a country from political sectors to every economic status of the nation. It effect on public opinions on relative subject matters. For adequate information and enlightenment to citizens which will give rooms for a full-fledged democratic society and enhance the growth and development.

Empowerment: this should be geared towards empowering every citizens on all works of life. On their basic skills, profession or services, for a possible stop on hardship/poverty and enhancement or improvement of these various areas for a given period of time for a better future after the speculated given time elapses. As this will help put a stop to the hardship and highly difficult system of living, preventing and allowing our children and unborn children to live in the benefit of a changed, better and advanced system of living with economic growth and development.

Employment: more employment opportunity should be created in various work sectors by the provision or increase in company creation within the country and foreign investment. Hereby reducing the numbers and percentage of unemployed, resulting to citizen’s satisfaction, development and growth in the society.

Support/Provision: a support system that aid in providing additional financial support to citizens in various sectors of specialization or profession. And for capital investment on skills or product produce, like long term loans especially on agriculture, infrastructure and technology. And provision of some basic materials in these areas.

Promotion: This has a vital role in enhancing, changing and promoting development on skills, profession, and services as individual or organization/brand for large/wild range of publicity and increase on patronage, for a large income and savings on growth, satisfaction, development and acquisition of more skills.


This is what From the Root hope to offer to the society with it global change aim on a give-back community initiative program. This is a supported movement by all concerned citizens and not limited to a single region with

Possible solutions:

Fromtheroot Global change organization with a Give-back community initiative program.

Aims at improving and changing lives, economy/society via eradicating illiteracy, poverty and corruption via a strategic means and agenda. With a strategic target for areas on a particular period of time.

Content agenda

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education
  3. Agriculture
  4. Health
  5. Technology
  6. Politics


  1. Entertainment sector
  • I. Empowerment
  • Ii. Promotion
  • Iii. Product
  • Iv. Event/concert


  • This will enhance and attract more sponsors and foreign investment to the country
  • It provides and generate hug revenue and income for execution of the sole aims and goals
  • It attract, create the general public awareness and support to the organization itself.
  • It’s a medium of information, communication and promotion to every citizens nation wild or globally
  • It becomes the voice of the people


This might attract more % percentage of the youth to this sector and area of life if other sectors is not being developed and attended to.


2a. Educational sector

  • I. Scholarship
  • ii. More adequate staff
  • Iii. Facilities

2b. Less privilege and physically challenged:

  1. Wafer

Ii. Skills and educational acquisition program

iii. talent/potential support

  1. Agricultural sector:
  2. Empowerment

Ii. Facilities

Iii. Loans

  1. Health sector:
  2. Efficiency

Ii. Facilities

Iii. Loans

  1. More staff
  1. Technology:
  2. Empowerment

Ii. Facilities

  1. Political sector:

Provision of candidate whose aim and goals will be to execute it organizational plans via it strategy within a given period of time on partnership and concrete agreement


With great reverence and desire over the years, for a positive change in all economic sectors from the root that has seems to be the only true change with a long lasting solution for the betterment and improvement of lives in the society, “Researchers/expertise have come to an understanding that “the economic system and status now faced in Nigeria and most part of Africa, permit citizens to only fight and struggle to earn a square meal for daily survival and nothing more.” A country where citizens or individual cannot save cannot experience progress, growth or development.

Several empowerment programs that is held in the society by corporate firms, organizations and companies on weekly basis have always missed the fundamental phenomenal on evolving a large percentage of the sorted change. Because of the inability to think outside of the normal cultural routine of the economic system box e.g. corporate firms, organizations and companies run an empowerment programs for jobs employment and seek a targeted applicant with certification, skills and a minimum of 2-4 years working experience for an office position.from seminal and tell the rest attendance to grow and improve more on their various skills.

Employers seek a highly skilled potential or talented individuals which are now a very rare thing to find. A very good opportunity for those that have been fortunate enough with the opportunity to ascertain such level of skills.

If an empowerment scheme for employment is held and only 3% of total attendance of over 1000 was employed. The question now is what happen to the others?

The number one question and answer is they should improve their professional skills and if they choose to do this, what is their ability to afford and acquire the required certification and skills when presently they’re jobless and walking around with hungry stomachs?

And if eventually they manage to afford the cost of it acquisition, how will they learn with an empty stomach?

In final conclusion when there’s hardship, poverty and hunger up to 60-70% in a country, development and growth remains a myth for the future generation. The country will constantly produce a lesser percentage of skilled qualified professionals in any specialization

This has brought fromtheroot organization to within it power provide a possible, fast and reliable solution to the very core problem of the society and economy by providing a basic general empowerment program that meet the basic needs to support, provide and promote jobs of every citizens on extra earnings for possible savings and for a better and promising future

By providing a part time or full time extra earning networking jobs for every citizens regardless of qualification or certification. Promoting every means of lively hood, career, profession, business, product, companies/brands for large publicity and general public awareness that will result to a large growth in patronage, income and savings to already existing businesses

Also serve as a support and capital provision for none-existing businesses for the unemployed. Or for the acquisition of more knowledge and skills.

Here is a sales copy from a beneficiary to a new client 


With this hopefully your support and that of the general public towards the promotion of growth and development of our society will be achieved for a better future


By Emmanuel Idahosa