Uganda police have begun an investigation into the death of a 22-year-old local football player who died after he was reportedly assaulted by his own teammates.

The player identified as Churchill Owaci was allegedly assaulted by his teammates in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda, on Saturday, Oct. 11, after he made an error that led to a goal during a friendly football match between two local football teams.

The player was a resident of Tumanon A village, Agoro Sub County in Lamwo District. He played as a central defender in a match between the two teams both from Poba Parish.

According to the Agoro Sub County chairperson, M.r Denis Onyon, a bitter exchange ensued among the teammates after a goal was scored resulting from Owaci’s defensive blunder. They pounced on him, beating him up before they were separated.

“But later after the game, the deceased in a revenge act pushed one of the people that had earlier beaten him, from the bicycle which provoked another fight. The deceased collapsed a few meters away from the fight scene and was rushed to Agoro Health Centre III, where he was pronounced dead a few hours later,” he said.

The Aswa Regional Police Spokesperson, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, who confirmed the incident on Monday, October 12, said the murder case was registered under CRB 201/2020 at Agoro Police Post where the two suspects are currently being detained.

“Investigations into the matter are ongoing and the suspects will be transferred to Lamwo Central Police Station from where they will be arraigned in court,” he said.

Source: -Uganda Daily Monitor

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